In the spring of 1996, after many years of agent experience in the bottling market, I decided it was time to design and to build my first prototype of a filling and capping monoblock.

This machine, still in operation at a Piedmont winery, was the first step of a journey which realized my vision: to design and to manufacture machines that combine innovation and technology, performance and reliability. In short: high-quality solutions to exceed the expectations of an increasingly demanding and attentive market.

And this philosophy permeates our organization: EUROSTAR has reached important results in two decades with more than 1,200 installations worldwide, targets which immediately become the starting platforms to new challenges.

This year marks the twentieth anniversary of that decision: the motivation, enthusiasm and attention to continuous improvement remain the same and, if anything, more determined thanks to the results achieved.

I thank my team with whom I share every day this wonderful adventure.

Alessandro Castagno

Fouder and CEO


At EUROSTAR we design, we manufacture and we install bottling equipments lines based on state-of-the-art filling technologies and turn-key lines according to the most advanced packaging know-how.

We serve primary companies worldwide in all major markets: water & beverage, beer, wine & spirits, food products, personal care, home care, pharmaceutical and chemical.

We have more than 1.200 Eurostar equipments installed worldwide which are assisted by our After-Sales Service network.

Our technologies cover all the major needs of liquid filling, up to medium viscosity: from light depression to high vacuum, from counter-pressure (mechanic and electro-pneumatic) to volumetric (mechanic and electronic with flow meters).

Our isobaric technology is now available on our new range of canning machines equipped with the seaming devices designed and manufactured by EUROSTAR.

The production capacity of our equipments ranges from 1.000 up to 24.000 BpH for glass, PET and all other polymers containers, covering all the capping options available on the market.

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EUROSTAR is present worldwide through its sales network of distributors which ensures the after-sales service in close cooperation with the headquarters.


The seamer for aluminum cans, designed and manufactured internally, testifies to the EUROSTAR commitment to research and development.

This commitment allows us to propose one of the most extensive range of filling technologies and bottling solutions available today on the market.